Fun & Easy Ways to Celebrate Winter Solstice

The winter solstice (also known as midwinter or yule) is the shortest day of the year, when we have the least amount of daylight and the longest, darkest night. It's also known as the "rebirth" of the sun; the days start to grow longer from the winter solstice until the summer solstice in June. Winter solstice celebrations represent a spark of light in the darkness, and the holiday can also serve as an opportunity for rest, contemplation and conceiving new life — metaphorically or even literally. The solstice provides a moment for meaningful rituals to honor the season. But are those rituals too esoteric to include children? Absolutely not.

While I wrote this article to provide rituals you can do with family, it will be super powerful for anyone! Try it alone or with friends and/or family.



Holly Ramey