Guidance + Ritual for the New Moon in Capricorn

The New Moon is an excellent time to practice ritual and set intentions for the next cycle.  The moon is dark and full of opportunity and just as farmers planted seeds during the new moon, we can plant “seeds of intention” and allow them to gestate and fertilize in the darkness. The New Moon in January is in the earthy sign of Capricorn- a sign of ambition, business savvy and wisdom.  I use Tarot as a tool for guidance to show me the energies and archetypes we can embody during each moon cycle to help us find clarity.  The rituals and tarot guidance below will help you to harness the power of this new moon and use it to manifest your dreams into reality.  

The Magician

The Tarot Card I’ve pulled for this upcoming New Moon in Capricorn (Tuesday, January 16th) is The Magician.  This is a card is all about ACTION!  Don’t doubt, don’t procrastinate, just DO- whatever project (personal or professional) you have been thinking about is ready to be birthed. Use the fiery, catalytic energy of The Magician to manifest your intentions, as he holds the power of all of the suits/elements and reminds you that you already have everything you need to create what you dream.  This highly charged energy tells you to act now and rest later - it may feel a bit intense but it’s time to get to work, focus and commit to whatever it is you are trying to get done.  The Magician paired with the stability of Capricorn is the perfect opportunity to find success in your career and creative projects.  What holds you back from taking the next step? What small actions can you take right now to move forward on your path?

The Ritual

First, gather a few items for your altar.  You can choose any items that represent your intention (such as images, crystals, talismans, words, etc) but here are a few of my suggestions:

  • A yellow or orange candle
  • Crystals such as citrine, pyrite, garnet, orange calcite and smokey quartz
  • A cleansing herb (palo santo, sage, or mugwort)
  • Oils/scents such as cedarwood, spikenard, lemon or bergamot
  • A bouquet of orange and yellow flowers or your favorite flowers
  • Any personal items that you find beautiful and remind of your dreams, hopes and wishes
  • Paper and pen

Set up these items on a shelf or table where you can sit and work in a quiet place.  Take a few moments to sit in meditation watching the breath and connecting to the body. Relax any tension and ground into your seat.  Feel how the chair or ground holds you up.  When you are ready, take out your paper and write down your intentions for this cycle (the next month, few months, or even year)- be as specific as you can. What will your life look like? How will you feel when you have accomplished these things?  Write freely and imagine your dreams can be bigger than your originally imagined, expand outside what you think is possible.   Then fold the paper and place on your alter. Light your candle as you hold these intentions in your mind, light the herb you chose and burn the smoke around your altar and around your body, in a gesture to cleanse anything that holds you back from your dreams.  Anoint your body with the oils and spend a few moments gazing into the candle, allowing this fire to represent your inner light.  Stay here for as long as you like meditating on your intention.  When you are finished, extinguish the flame.  You can continue to light this candle every day and spend a few moments with your intentions until it burns out.  Release any attachments or expectation and trust you have everything you need to manifest your dreams.

Holly Ramey