We have had some super cold weather here in Nashville the last few weeks and the cold air and dry heat have wreaked havoc on my sinuses!  Here are a few natural and ayurvedic remedies that I use to feel better:

Clary Balm- This is a wonderful all-purpose balm made with herbs that I use ALL THE TIME.  It's great for everything from acne to diaper rash but right now I'm using it to keep my chapped lips and dry nose hydrated.

Nasya Oil-  This is an Ayurvedic Oil made will herbs and essential oils to cleanse and lubricate the sinuses. 

Congest Free is an herbal tincture that supports sinus health. It helps to open up the sinuses as well as balance sinus pressure. 

Nasal Spray- I find this to work a little better than traditional saline spray and it uses all natural ingredients!

Sinus Rinse- This is a tea blend you can purchase or make yourself to cleanse the sinuses using a Neti Pot.  I also include sea salt and a pinch of baking soda. It is Yarrow, Marshmallow Root, Barberry and Olive Leaf. You can purchase this at High Garden in Nashville or find the herbs at your local Herb shop!

Humidifier- I also try to run a humidifier in my home when it gets super cold and the heat is on all day long.  It is most helpful in the bedroom at night - you can also diffuse essential oils to promote respiratory health such as peppermint, eucalyptus and Pine.  


Holly Ramey