Pisces Medicine

Hi babes! I wanted to give you some medicine for Pisces Season, so you can dive into the deep emotional waters and swim!

Mermaid Ritual Bath

I was inspired by a client to create this bath, Mermaid Medicine is perfect for Pisces season! Connect to the depths of the ocean (and your emotions) with a little magic.


+ Spirulina or Blue green algae Powder

+ Turquoise, Labradorite & lapis lazuli crystals

+ Tub Tea (loose or in a bag) Fresh or dried Lavender + Rosemary

+ Lavender, Lime & patchouli essential oils ( I use Young Living for the highest quality)

+ Top with some fresh flowers or dried seaweed

+ Dead Sea Salt or Epsom Salt

Light some candles, cleanse your aura with the smoke of palo santo + a selenite wand, then as the bath is running, apply oil (I like coconut or sesame) to your entire body from feet up to head, spending special attention to your breasts, arms, armpits and shoulders where we have a lot of lymph. Look in the mirror and tell yourself a loving affirmation. Step into the bath and soak in the loving energy you created!

Cosmic Playlist

One of my favorite astrologers, Chani Nicholas, has created cosmic playlists on spotify for each sign! It’s a curated monthly horoscope playlist (the horoscope is in the description at the top). Use them for inspiration, reflection & of course, a dance party! I’d love to hear from my Pisces babes how you like it! I’ve been listening to my sun (Aries), moon (Sag) and rising (Libra) all week!

Tap Your Feels

Guys, I’ve fallen in love with tapping over the past few months and it’s been helping me shift through some major mental & emotional blocks, as well as deal with the anxiety that’s come up as a result of going deep! One method in particular is so simple but so powerful- whenever I feel resistance to an emotion or physical feeling coming up (fear, anxiety, pressure, shame) I tap on that feeling. It’s so simple and easy but it shifts me into a state of acceptance rather than resistance and the feeling can pass more easily since i’m not suppressing it. All you do is take the 2 peace sign fingers from one hand and use them to tap on the pinky finger side of the other hand (called the karate chop point). As you tap, say out loud (or to yourself if you’re in public), “All this anxiety (or whatever you’re feeling), all this anxiety, I feel all this anxiety in my body (you can describe where too), I feel all this anxiety in my stomach, my throat, as tingling in my skin. I feel all this anxiety and I fully and completely love, accept and forgive myself.” THAT’S IT! It take less than 5 minutes and it can totally shift you out of a tough place, the more you do it, the more effective it becomes- give it a try this month if you are going through some deep feelings. Pisces energy can bring up some of the feels we tend to keep in the shadow so this is a great month to really feel ALL the feels. For a little extra- I add the Release Blend by Young Living if I’m tapping on something I’m really ready to LET GO of - like jealousy or resentment.

Holly Ramey