Taurus Medicine

Ok babes- I’ve created some Earth medicine for you to practice this Taurus season (until May 20th). I hope you enjoy connecting with this element!


This one may seem obvious, but the best way to connect with Earth medicine is to get out in nature. Taureans love to enjoy the beauty of nature and it’s proven to be relaxing for the nervous system when we disconnect and ground. The easiest way to ground is to put your bare feet on the Earth. We have small chakras in the soles of our feet in which we can discharge our misaligned energy. Just as mama earth takes CO2 and turns it into oxygen, she takes our energy and transmutes it (this is why Root Chakra crystals are said to protect and absorb negative energy!). Get your bare feet on the earth for a few minutes a day (or a few times a week or whatever you can manage) this month and notice how you feel. If you have the time, schedule a few hikes, go camping or take a trip to the water to relax and recharge. And if you can’t get outside much, work with root chakra stones like black tourmaline, garnet, smokey quartz and obsidian- meditate with them, put them in the bath, your drinking water, under your bed/pillow, etc. My favorite root chakra oils are Vetiver, Sandalwood, Northern Lights black Spruce and Patchouli. (Make sure your items are sustainably sourced- I like Everyday Magic for stones and Young Living for oils)


Mother Earth gives to us without hesitation, connecting with her is to connect with your sense of security, safety and feeling home wherever you are. It’s easy in our fast paced, technology driven lives to forget that connection. But if we continue to take without giving back, the relationship becomes unbalanced and we can feel disconnected, anxious and well, ungrounded! Choose a few ways to give back to mother this month- whether it is the simple practice of giving your old flowers or tea herbs back to her with a thank you, switching out plastic (straws, bags, water bottles, containers, etc) or planting a tree/growing a garden- it will change your relationship! Offer her gratitude each day for your food, water, oxygen, and HOME!


Taurus loves to enjoy the fruits of their labor and indulge in earthly pleasures! What feels sensual, luxurious and decadent to you? Schedule at least ONE thing to indulge in this month- whether it is a fancy dinner (or some comfort food), some beautiful, well-made clothing, undergarments or lingerie, a spa session or massage/facial - this is the month to TREAT yo’self my darlings! All work and no play makes jack a dull boy (or something like that!). Make sure you enjoy this indulgence and don’t feel any shame or guilt about it - you are worthy of your PLEASURES and DESIRES simply because you exist.

Holly Ramey