Cancer 🦀 Medicine

Hey babes! Happy Cancer Season! I’ve created some medicine for you to work with the element of Water while we are in Cancer Season until July 21st. Practice these rituals throughout the month to align with the cosmos and the collective consciousness at this time.


Crabs love water and this bath will help you to tap into your feels, relax and release. Water teaches us to go with the flow, let go and open to change. Try this bath when you need to shift your state of mind. I like to set a mood with some candles, music, incense and any crystals you like (on or in the tub).

You can brew this as a tea in 12 Quarts of Water or just add the herbs into the bath loose or in a muslin cloth for easier clean up. Any of the herbs can be fresh or dried!


  • 1 cup Lemon Balm

  • 1 cup Lemon Verbena

  • 1/2 cup Rose Geranium

  • 1/2 cup Chamomile

  • 1/2 Rose Petals (not from florists unless organic as most will contain pesticides)

**Recipe adapted from Kami McBride


The water element is associated with the second or sacral chakra, which governs our emotions, our matriarchal lineage, our sexuality and our self worth! The purpose of this chakra is movement and connection. One of my favorite healing practices for balancing this energy center is movement. The more fluid, the better. Experiment with movement as therapy- try dance (belly dancing videos on YouTube are my jam), yoga, hip circles, squats, hula hooping, swimming or whatever calls to you.


Another healing practice associated with the sacral chakra is inner child healing, as much of our emotional pain stems from childhood and the beliefs we internalize during our development. Bringing these beliefs into our consciousness helps us to release what is no longer in alignment with who we have become, so we can expand beyond our comfort zone and continue in our personal growth rather than reliving old, unconscious patterns. Try this meditation for inner child healing.

Holly Ramey