Gemini Medicine

Hey babes! Happy Gemini Season! I’ve created some medicine for you to work with the element of Air while we are in Gemini Season until June 21st. Practice these rituals throughout the month to align with the cosmos and the collective consciousness at this time.


Gemini is a master at communication and how to express themselves authentically in the world. But any effective communicator knows that in order to truly connect with our audience, we have to be able to LISTEN, this is what allows the people we are speaking with to feel seen and heard and witnessed. Everyone knows how shitty it feels to speak with someone who is checked out (or even worse checking their phone) or just waiting for their turn to talk. But the art of listening starts within. This month, practice LISTENING to yourself - take time for sacred silence and meditate for 7-10 minutes EVERYDAY. You will come up with amazing insights and also be astonished how much bullshit the ego has to say 🤣 When we can listen to ourselves we can then listen to others. Another good trick is to set 2 reminders in your phone to PAUSE + RESET each day. When it goes off just STOP 🛑 and take 5 deep breaths- go back to life feeling more PRESENT.


Geminis have a deep hunger for knowledge, then can spend hours and hours scouring the internet and researching different topics. Then their medicine becomes to apply it and integrate into life. If there has been something you wanted to study, Gemini Season is the perfect opportunity to do so. Buy the course you've been looking at, go back and do the course you bought and never finished, learn a new language for the trip you’re taking soon, buy books, study, research - this is an excellent time for knowledge and deeper learning. Take my MENTORSHIP PROGRAM for a serious deep dive into the mystical.


Gemini is represented by the twins in astrology and The Lovers card in the Tarot. In this archetype we embrace duality and find harmony and the balance between give and receive. This month, let yourself explore the possibilities of embodying all the parts of yourself, even and especially the ones that feel “at odds” with each other. You can be introverted and extroverted, creative and messy in ways but super organized in others, a corporate mogul and a green witch - whatever it is - don’t pigeonhole yourself into identifying with “one way to be”. Be unconcerned with “normalcy” or being accepted by others. Normal is boring and YOU are unique and amazing.

Holly Ramey