"The Chakra Healing Session that I had with Holly was profound.  I felt like all of the questions I didn't even know I had were revealed to me through the tarot and Holly's thoughtful perception.  Not long after the session, I underwent some major shifts in my life and I truly feel that I was able to stay open and present to it all because of my work with Holly during our time together." -Jess Blake, Yoga Instructor


“My reading with Holly was affirming in unexpected ways.  Through the cards, she helped me to see details of significance in my own life that I had been missing. Her energy, as always, was uplifting.  I left with renewed energy and perspective." -Nicholas Connell, lawyer


“A yoga class with Holly is pure bliss.  Her sense of flow and sequencing of poses are always on point, and her instructions and adjustments are thoughtfully directed and easily accessible. Holly’s calming presence always leaves me relaxed and restored by the class’ conclusion.  If you have not visited her yet (for a class or a private!), I encourage you to do so! "   - CTC, Director of Impact Investing and Operations


”I started working with Holly several years ago when my life was going through significant changes both physically and mentally.  Through her guidance, I was able to find a balance that I was never able to reach previously.  She is insightful and  knowledgeable." – Andrew Shiftan, Managing Director


“I have to admit that I was very skeptical at first. Inner struggles and problems are hard for me to talk about, but recently I have been on a path of personal growth, accountability and change. Holly made me feel at ease before and after each session. She cared and focused on my understanding of the sessions and helped me determine how to move forward in my personal growth.  Reiki is now a part of my life.” -Dana Marquis, Sales Executive


"Holly’s reiki session was the first I’ve ever received and the shift it created it my life since has been extraordinary!  She created a comfortable space and did everything with a sense of love and care that made me feel very supported.   Since the session, I’ve really felt different; more light, more connected, less anxiety, and I guess just more trusting that my life will flow in the way it’s meant to flow.  Holly is an intuitive person, with a gift and an earnest way of helping you get clear and move through areas of blockage.   I have highly recommended Holly’s reiki energy sessions to my friends.” -Eileen Flannigan, Entrepreneur